InOut 7.0 Virtual Hackathon Challenge

India’s biggest community hackathon is taking place between Nov. 27 and Dec. 21, and Portis by ShapeShift will be there (well, virtually) as a mega sponsor. Time to #BUIDL-FROM-HOME 🏠

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📺 Background

Mass adoption. It’s the holy grail of blockchain applications. Everybody’s saying it has to happen for blockchain to survive and eventually flourish. So how do we make it a reality?

✊ We want you to bring about the revolution of mainstream adoption ✊

🚀 Challenge

Build a DApp that anybody can use. Your parents, your high school history teacher, anyone. With Portis powering your DApp, they’ll only need to register with an email and password, from inside their existing browser, something they’re already familiar with.

  • 300 USD for second place
  • 200 USD for third place

🛠️ Resources

  1. SDK GitHub: The Portis SDK source code.
  2. Documentation: Instructions on how to embed Portis into your DApp, and your guide for all the various useful configurations you have at your disposal when you’re developing with Portis.
  3. UX Guidelines: Building on the blockchain raises new and interesting UX and technical challenges. We put together a list of what we believe to be best practices when building DApps designed to be human-friendly.
  4. White Paper: Wonder how our E2E works? Let’s get technical!

Need Help? Get in Touch

Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions, listen to your feedback, and write down your suggestions! Find us on our Telegram channel or on Twitter.

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